Y Profile: Rogers Communications


When you think of Rogers, the first things that come to mind are likely cell phones, cable TV and wireless internet. As one of Canada’s largest telecommunications company’s, these are some of the amazing services that Rogers provides to millions of Canadians every day – but , there is a lot more that they are doing right here in our community than you may even realize!

Did you know, in 2013 Rogers launched their Connected for Success” affordable internet program? This was done to encourage digital adoption - they have collaborated with nearly 300 affordable housing organizations to bring low-cost internet to their tenants.

With over 26,000 employees across Canada, Rogers has built a huge commitment to the communities they serve; they have made it fun, engaging and rewarding for their employees to give back to the charities that matter most to each employee.

Initiatives such as the “Rogers Employee Volunteer” program empower employees to take a paid day off work to volunteer at a registered charity of their choice; their “Give Together Volunteer Days” allow employees, their friends, and families to volunteer for an entire weekend with local organizations and give back to those in need; and each November is “Give Together Month” where the company matches all employee donations made to the charity of their choice dollar-for-dollar up to $1,000 per person!

The best part is that Rogers employees seem to get just as much out of volunteering as the people they are helping.

“Our family really enjoyed helping out at the holiday party for the Y’s Family Shelter.  Seeing the excitement of the children and their families really re-enforced what the holiday season is all about.  Hearing some of their personal stories also left a lasting impression with us, and hopefully this small gesture helped welcome these families to our community.” - Stan Newton, Rogers TV Producer


The impact in Canadian communities is truly incredible: 3402 employees have had the chance to volunteer at 188 organizations and $2.5 million has been raised for 1164 charities!

Additionally, on a national level, Rogers has continued to build on the legacy of their founder. The Ted Rogers Community Grants program focuses on supporting organizations that inspire youth to continue their education and develop skills to succeed.

The Y is so grateful to be on the receiving end of many of Roger’s community initiatives.

In 2017, the Y’s Bonnefant Outdoor Education Centre received a $25,000 grant to give some of our city’s local schools a chance to participate in Bonnefant school programs, free of charge. Thanks to Rogers, the Y is able to provide this unique opportunity to some of our community’s most vulnerable students, allowing them to develop new skills and participate in leadership education – an opportunity that would otherwise be financially unreachable. It is our hope that through this partnership, students will have the chance to discover hidden talents or refine important skills that could potentially influence their future life choices, and provide them with some new career opportunities in fields such as biology, outdoor pursuits, or even education – fields they perhaps might not have been exposed to or had the chance to consider otherwise.

One of the most active branches of the Rogers community family is the Rogers Women’s Network, which was formed to cultivate the unique strengths of women within the company. This past December, they engaged 16 local partners to throw the Y’s first ever holiday party for families living in our Emergency Family shelter. And what an amazing experience it was for everyone!

THe 2019 Rogers Holiday Party for the Y’s Emergency Family Shelter.

THe 2019 Rogers Holiday Party for the Y’s Emergency Family Shelter.

“When we set out on this venture, I knew without a doubt it would be a great day. I was wrong in thinking that it was us that would be helping those families who attended the event. In actuality, they helped us far more then we helped them. They taught us all a lesson in humility, what passion really looks like and that will love and support you can accomplish anything. The pure joy on a child’s face after receiving a gently used stuffed toy or the relief on a mothers face, who received pampers and wipes was amazing to see. It certainly makes you second guess the meaning of Christmas!”
- Shealee Free, Rogers Women’s Network

In addition to gifts and pajamas for every child, food hampers for all the families, and mitts and socks for those who needed them, the fun was just beginning as the families arrived at the Y’s RBC Community room. Kids were given free rein to participate in face-painting, arts and crafts, cookie decorating, a dance party put on by New Country 94 FM, remote control car races, and hot chocolate making. A pizza lunch and life-size balloon sculptures of snowman and trees topped off the day to make the magic really come to life.

The AMazing team from rogers, who made the holiday party a reality!

The AMazing team from rogers, who made the holiday party a reality!

“We have never had something like this before. This is our first year in Canada and this is such a fun day. Thank you for making my kids so happy – thank you so much for making them feel so special!”  – Mother, resident at the Y’s Family Shelter

You could tell by the expressions on the children’s faces, and the loud excitement that echoed through the Y’s halls that this was not going to be a day they would soon forget. Time and time again, we were asked to thank everyone at Rogers who made this special experience a reality.

Thank you to everyone at Rogers Communications, and especially the very passionate and dedicated members of the Roger’s Women’s Network who have helped make our community brighter and more accessible for many of our Y clients, students, and families.

We are truly thankful for the amazing experiences we have had collaborating with you, and hope to continue building on this relationship in the future!