Is this safe? Is it legal?

Yes! This event is 100% legal. We have taken all of the necessary steps to ensure that our building's safety certifications are in place. Furthermore, our rigging supplier, VERA Industrial Access, is a Canadian owned access rope operations and training company based out of Victoria, British Columbia. Their dual certified SPRAT/IRATA technicians work across Canada and are qualified at all levels. Their technicians are highly trained and experienced, and all measures will be taken to ensure the safety and security of participants.

You will not be required to complete any training on your own time. However, you will be scheduled to arrive at a certain time on the day of the event in order to complete a training session before your rappel. Experts from VERA will work with you to ensure that you are completely comfortable with the equipment and understand how to use it and what to expect beforehand. Plus, a VERA technician will be with you every step of the way as you head down the wall, so you'll be in great hands from start to finish!

Will there be training in advance?

Do I need to be in great shape to participate?
Is rappelling very physically demanding?

Not at all! No matter what your age or level of physical ability, you will be able to comfortably participate in the Y’s Cliffhanger. The descent is not controlled by how strong you are, but rather by technique. Since each participant is accompanied by a certified Ropes Access Technician during the decent, you will be guided and encouraged every step of the way.  

How long will it take me to complete the rappel?

Depending on how comfortable you are up there, your way down from top to bottom will take anywhere between 5-15 minutes. You will be asked to arrive with enough time to suit up in the appropriate equipment, and to undergo your training session. The entire process from start to finish will not take more than an hour out of your day. 

Click HERE to see a full event rundown from start to finish, plus more information on what to expect. 

Each participant is required to raise a minimum of $750 in order to participate in the event.

Starting a team is a great way to help share the fundraising goal: your funds will pool together, so you can help support each other in your fundraising efforts. 

No matter which way you choose to fly - solo or with a team - don’t worry! Fundraising can be fun and easy, and we’ll provide tips and tricks along the way to help you achieve your goal. 

Do I really have to raise at least $750 to participate?

What happens if I sign
up and then can’t raise the $750?

The Y is here to support your initiative and provide guidance in your fundraising efforts along the way. We will check in with you periodically after you sign up to see how your fundraising is going, and to provide motivation and tips to ensure that you reach your goal. If you are still not confident that you will be able to raise $750 by yourself, you can also recruit some team members to distribute the $750-per-person goal evenly amongst your team.